September 18, 2021


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PTA Called for Massive Recruitment of Teachers Nation-wide to Tackled Educational Challenges

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By Abdullahi Alhassan Kaduna

The National President parent Teachers Association of Nigeria, Alhaji Danjuma Haruna has called on states and federal government to as a matter of urgency recruit a large number of trained and qualified teachers,  in order to reduce the huge challenge affecting the educational sector in the country.

Adding that the current  insecurity challenges amidst of covid 19 pandemics in the northern part of the country have negative consequences on the educational sector  both at the primary, secondary and tertiary institutes
Also emphasizes equipping their classes with the latest and digital teaching aids to enable them to educate the students through the modern ways of teaching while using the latest technology.

According to him, there is a need to employed qualified teachers from colleges of education and other higher tertiary institutes across the nation, so as to enable students to have enough teachers that can impact on students while calling for reduce decongesting students in a single class.
“Since the arriving of Covid 19 lockdown, education nationwide begins facing different challenges, hence the need for new innovative ideas and strategies to tackle the issues”

Stressing that this would sure reduce the large crowd of students a single teacher is taking in a class.

it’s really unfortunate some students are over 80-90  in a class, and they are much for the teacher to take care of them”
He said some state governors in past have sacked a large number of teachers, hence the need to recruit many qualified once to as to field the vacuum of the ones that were sacked.

Danjuma thank the Kaduna state government for opening the state schools while appealing for the state governor to provide adequate security in all the schools across the 23 local governments of the state.

He equally draws the attention of all the northern states governors to as a matter of an emergency diploid large number of security forces at schools premises, which include police, Hunters, vigilantes and other local security in the area to help towards tackling insecurity challenges bedeviling peace stability and educational sector.

Also calling for synergy among all the security forces which are aimed at protecting children and teachers in all schools across the country.
There is also the need to engaged traditional and religious leaders with other stakeholders on education toward supporting protecting school premises to halt the activities of bandit terrorism in the nation.

The PTA president called on the states government to always assist teachers with the latest and digital teaching aids, so as to enable the help impacting education to the younger ones.

He then calls on special prayers for all the Nigerian security forces that are on the battleground toward winner the war against Boko haram and banditry.

Danjuma also thank the military for all the successful operations which are toward eliminating banditry activities in the region.

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